Landscape Maintenance Services

From monthly landscape bed maintenance to small landscape installs, we have the knowledge and equipment to get your landscape looking its best!

Mulch Installation
Seasonal Plants
Landscape Maintenance
Hedge Trimming
Mulch Installation
Plant Install
Monthly Landscape Bed Maintenance

On a monthly basis, we will pull weeds in your landscape beds. Charged by the hour, you can choose how many hours we spend a month pulling weeds and choose your desired location of where you would like the majority of weeds pulled. 

Seasonal Plant Rotations

Annual flowers are a great way to spruce up the look of your yard. Whether there're in a planter on your porch or incorporated into the landscape, flowers are a great way to add color. Geraniums, Petunias, and Impatiens will be planted during the Spring and Summer months. During the Fall months, annuals such as Chrysanthemum (aka Mums) will take the place of the Spring flowers! 

Shrub/Hedge Trimming

Keeping your shrubbery and hedges trimmed to a clean-cut size offers the fullest potential to the look of your landscape. Shrubs will be trimmed to your desired shape and a healthy size.

Hand Edging Garden Beds

Typically done before installing mulch, edging the garden beds creates a gap to separate the mulch from the grass. Edging is recommended once a season to keep grass from overgrowing into your landscape beds. 

Mulch Installation

Applying mulch to your landscape beds every year is a great way to reduce the amount of weeds, prevent erosion from rain, and add nutrients back into the soil. We recommend applying no more than two inches of mulch at a time and having no more than three inches of mulch in your beds at a given time. 

Landscape Install

New to our list of services, we can design and install small landscapes. Perfect for someone who is looking for a change to their yard. We can install recommended plants using proper planting techniques.